Campus under CCTV camera surveillance:
RPS  Kosli campus pose many unique challenges when it comes to security. A video surveillance system must be carefully planned out in order to keep watch over the diverse assortment of facilities that comprise a typical campus community.
From dormitories and libraries to sports complexes and sprawling student grounds, there's a lot to look after. A system of properly installed campus security cameras will go a long way in ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and facilities on campus.
In order to prevent unfortunate incidents and take prompt action, CCTV surveillance in school is the need of the hour. With 24 Hr CCTV surveillance, our school is one step ahead of the perpetrators.
RPS Kosli gives topmost priority to the safety of the students. A Security Officer has been designated for the Safety and Security of the Students. A visitor is never allowed to enter the school campus without visitor pass.The security staff is incharge of handling the security needs of the school. The entire campus is under electronic surveillance and is monitored 24X7, and always guarded with the security staff in and around the campus. There has never been an instance of breach of security. The security measures at the school are infallible.